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HD Concrete can tackle a wide variety of projects - Farm, Commercial, Industrial, and Residential work are all down our line! If you have a concrete project that you want to do but don't know how to get started with engineering/design, give us a call and we can help you get started! We can come up with the design on many projects, and help you with permits and inspections to make your life easier. We can also source and supply any materials that may be needed for your project.

Do you need to remove and replace your existing  deteriorated driveway? Need a driveway, sidewalks, or a patio on your new home? We can assist with the shape, design and construction of a high quality concrete pad that will compliment your property!


Are you ready to tackle the prep work for your basement floor or driveway, but not comfortable with the pouring and finishing of the concrete? Perhaps you have a large floor to pour, but don't have the equipment to handle the concrete finishing? That's where we come in! We are ready to arrange the concrete pump, and place and finish the concrete completed with whichever hardner, sealer, or wet cure method is specified.


Floors are one our specialties! We can install a variety of floor drains to suit your needs, sub-floor insulation, and hydronic heat pipes. Top it off with dry shake hardner, liquid harder or densifier, or sealer and you have a high quality floor that's ready for many years of heavy use!


 Hopper bin pads need to be designed to handle a lot of concentrated weight. We can help design and construct bin pads that are suitable for your every application.


We are equipped to construct a variety of different sizes & types of grade beams. We can look after anything from a simple garage grade beam to a complex industrial grade beam with pilasters, anchor bolts, and heavy reinforcement. We also supply the cast-in-place piers for all our projects.

We can construct the foundation of your new home from start to finish! We are experienced in ICF (Insulated Concrete Forming) construction, and can make a basement that will be extremely energy efficient and warm. Our garage floors have floor drains, and a high quality finish for functionality and durability for years to come!

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